Bollywood’s Worst Couples – Not the best bollywood couple

Bollywood has been the most dizzily-giggly place to be in. Right from the Bollywood controversies on movies to finding out the actor’s personal life is all which makes it a very curios not just for the people but also for the celebrities. You must now be used to the Bollywood real life love stories which probably aren’t true. However, we bring you the Bollywood’s worst couple off the screen. You must really catch on to this.

sridevi and boney kapoor

Sridevi and Boney Kapoor
Sridevi and Boney Kapoor are certainly not the best Bollywood couples but by far seems the most happy couple among the many celebrities.
As opposed to popular rumour that Sridevi and Boney Kapoor had first met on the sets of Mr. India, Boney truly fell for Sridevi after he saw her in a Tamil film and this was when she made her Bollywood debut that Boney approach her to get a role in Mister. However, the media men have caught this Bollywood couple quite a few in the limelight with their daughter looking for a perfect launch in Bollywood. Also there is still a question mark on Boney Kapoor age ??

uday chopra and nargis fakhri
Uday Chopra and Nargis Fakhri
Nargis fakhri and Uday Chopra’s marriage was considered the most influential among the top Bollywood couples. But the marriage soon ended with a bitter ending. According to the news bulletin, the couple broke up over long-distance relationship and commitment issues. It can be being said that while Nargis was unable to manage long-distance relationship and really wanted to give priority to her profession, Uday was seeking for commitment. Here are the Bollywood couple pics
urvashi sharma and sachin joshi
Urvashi Sharma and Sachin Joshi
Apart from all the Bollywood affairs couple, Urvashi Sharma tied the know with a non-actor Sachin Joshi. Unlike other Bollywood marriages this was a perfect love story for both of them. But this Bollywood couple certainly does not make it to the best Bollywood love affairs ever had.

Juhi Chawla Jai Mehta
Juhi Chawla – Jai Mehta
Bollywood one time top actress and producer, Juhi Chawla got married to an India based rich businessman and industrialist Jai Mehta. The Bollywood marriage, though a low key affair, came as a shock when they announced the news of their marriage when Juhi was expecting her first child. Among the other Bollywood married couple, the partner seems to be a perfect example of a mismatch marriage. Probably Juhi could find a better match for her for her inert beauty. Some of the actor marriage photos are a proof to it.
anurag-kashyap and kalki koechlin

Anurag Kashyap and Kalki Koechilin
Anurag and Kalki got committed on April 2010 in a private ceremony in Ooty. “Marriage is merely a commitment to the other person and nothing else, ” Kalki had said four weeks into the marriage… well guess what it was not. Anurag and Kalki both married each other, but this looked their temperaments had been just not that great. It took a lot of time for this bollywood couple to take a decision and ultimately get divorced.


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